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Welcome to highcamp
These sites was created and dedicated to all mountaineer, climber, caver, rafter and to all other outdoor adventure enthusiasm. Contents of these sites are collected from the web master personal experience and also information that has been received from the others outdoor adventure friends also some of that collected from the outdoor activities guiding books. Hopefully the authors of the books that has been rewritten as an article on these sites not felt has been pirated. Because knowledge and experience about outdoor adventure must contribute to all outdoorsman
Your comments are very important to highcamp. Please sign our guestbook if you willing to give a comment or you can click view guestbook for just want to see the list of comments from highcamp visitor. Or you can use message board facility to make discussion with your fellow adventure and also you can use this facility for seeking a friend for adventure travel...
Chating room..
Highcamp also facilitated these sites with chating room, you are free to invite your friend to joint and exchange information's about an outdoor adventures.
Wall Paper
There are some photos about outdoor adventures available on these sites to download for your desktop with clearly explanation how to download and put as wall paper of your monitor. Just pick one photo that match with your monitor resolution. Please download here
Upload Photo
On this facility highcamp provided a place for you to upload your adventure photos by your self. With this facility, you can show your adventure photos to your friends, lover, family and parent who might be live far away from you. It easy to use ..
The Clubs..
This page content of address from outdoor adventures clubs in Indonesia. A club from foreign country also welcome here. Just e-mail to us the complete address of your club. These addresses will be helpfully to our fellows adventures who might be need assistant about information of your area.
highcamp community
highcamp community are community of outdoor adventures persons who willing share their knowledge or data information on highcamp sites for other fellows adventure who might be needed. This community are open to anyone who willing to sharing with us, even just a photograph about adventures sites or their photo album adventures. Highcamp community founded as like our motto "FROM AND FOR ADVENTURER" . But it doesn't mean this site was created only for adventurer, but also for peoples who want to know and also for people who want to try outdoor adventure but didn't know how to begin. The highcamp community you can see by click page about us

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For highcamp community or not community now available a place to communicate among us, This mailing list are open to anyone to joint. Just click here or direct subscribe by entering your e-mail address at column that already prepared on the bellow.
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Laporan Perjalanan
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Perjalanan trekking ke pedalaman Baduy, suku terasing yang masih setia memegang teguh keyakinan budayanya. Klik disini

Pendakian gunung Gede di hari Kartini dan upacara peringatan yang berlansung di alun-alun Suryakencana.
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In order to make your adventure trip more pleasant. It recommended to check a weather of your destination point, to make you can prepare a right equipment Please click here to see weather forecast from some cities in Indonesia and other country in the world.


The new updated about the data of Mt. Rinjani. Check it out.......

For survival guides facility is still under construction.

There are additional about outdoor clubs in Indonesia that has been registered in highcamp. Check it now......